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The beginning was in 1887 when a new member of the family was born in Dakahlia,called (Ali Hassan Goudah) He grew up in his hometown of Kafr Shukr in Dakahlia, and after obtaining the baccalaureate, his father sent him to Istanbul to complete his studies because, at that time, Egypt was under olonialism, which closed all its universities in order to keep its people in ignorance.

Dr. Ali Hassan Gouda returned to Egypt and decided to open his private clinic in Alexandria, where he enlisted himself to combat poverty and began treating all the poor for free.

Not only that ... but he decided to combat the ignorance of colonialism and began to defend the rights of education in the country and called for equality in education between men and women.

He remained in the struggle until he passed away in 1957. 

The real beginning and the completion of the struggle

The matter did not stop at the death of Dr. (Ali), as he left a son after him who raised the principles of his father. 

Dr. (Shawkat Ali Hassan Goudah) completed what his father started to defend the poor of his homeland, and also established many charitable societies and various social activities. 

Until he decided in 1965 to establish the National Cosmetic Company (Lactuel), which donated its profits to the needy in his country. 

This was a real revolution in the world of cosmetics in Egypt, where the company was the first in Egypt and the Middle East in this field, which played an effective role in helping the country's economy to provide hard currency by not importing these products from abroad. 

Since Dr. (Shawkat) collected his family and friends to work in this great edifice, they have started producing the finest products at the cheapest prices and spent their profits on various charitable activities... and the tender is still ongoing.

Lady. Merian Hassan

wife, Dr. Shawkat Ali Hassan Joudeh, and his friend success

 Zakaria Shaker Hassan Joudeh


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